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17 Dec, 2021


Pay Less, Trade More

Our equity trading strategies will take you wherever you want to go.

Put more of your investment capital to work and less to paying brokerage fees with our industry-low equity commission structure and revenue sharing programs. The result is potentially higher returns.

  • Trade for as low as $100 per share, all-in.
  • Capture best price execution., with costs around 8 cents per $1,000, all-in.
  • Generate income on your fully held shares by lending them to other traders via our Stock Yield Enhancement Program.

Your Reward

Up to $10,000 deposit bonus. Trade retail on stock indices, commodities, stocks, metals and energies with a licensed and regulated broker. For all clients who open their first real account, Splint International offers up to $50,000 deposit bonus to test the Splint International products and services with an initial deposit. Learn more about how you can trade over 1000 instruments on the Splint International platforms from the comfort of your home.

Joint Investment

Up to $20,000 deposit bonus. Joint Investment is an account that is shared between two or more individuals. Joint accounts are most likely to be used by relatives, couples, or business partners who have a level of familiarity and trust with each other. It typically allows anyone named on the account to access funds within it. Joint accounts holders have equal access to funds, but also share equal responsibility of any fees or charges incurred. Joint account held jointly between two or more parties will be titled “JOINT INVESTMENT ACCOUNT”