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17 Dec, 2021


Are you looking for a secured platform to grow your capital? Seeking good returns while impacting other's lives? Need extra money for that building project, family holiday, childrens' school fees, etc.? We have made it easy to invest securely in agriculture and earn great profits!

We are on a mission to help smallholder farmers across the globe scale their farms fast, save time in accessing loans, save money by paying only at the end of production cycle and earn more income from good market prices. Smallholder farms with the potential to scale into commercial sizes are identified, curated by experts and listed on our platform.

At SI-Farming, you can invest in farms selected by agricultural experts. Investors select farms of their interest and share in the profit at the end of the farming cycle. Investors earn ROI between 11% and 45% on their investment depending on the investment portfolio, and also get their money back. 

We select experienced and high performing farmers to grow and care for your crop and livestock. Several of our farmers have been farming for over 20 years.

All farms have extensive insurance coverage to mitigate risks and uncertainties.

SI-Farming has partnered with several manufacturing and food processing companies to off-take our farm produce. We have guaranteed markets and use efficient modern technology, effective supply chain management systems and implement good agricultural practices (GAP) to provide you with risk-mitigated investment packages.

How It Works?

Invest in a list of farms that have been carefully selected to give you best guaranteed returns securely.

  1. Select Offer: Provide some information about your financial goal. Select your preferred option. A farm on your own land or in our one of our farm estates.
  2. Invest: Partner with us by investing in any of our livestock farms.
  3. Watch it Grow: You will receive monthly updates, book a slot to meet those you are impacting their lives and you can also book a farm visit.
  4. Earn Returns: Earn up to 30% ROI at the end of the farm cycle.